Monday, October 16, 2017




I've always had the best intentions with this blog but the worst follow through and life just wouldn't let me be great these past months, so I'm really sorry theres not been much action on here but let me explain whats been going on with me...

I would be the first to say that I have yet to nail "adulting"...in all seriousness who do I contact to raise a grievance for my unrealistic view that life is as easy as: get the grades, get the job, find the one, settle down, buy a house, buy a car, have children, live happily ever after...
Then again you only have to look on Instagram to see people you know (and dont know) achieving the above...and sometimes even more. BUT INSTAGRAM IS NOT REAL? Yea buddy I hear you, but that doesn't change the fact I've been stuck in a rut in many areas of my life for too long, especially in my work life.

Work and money aren't everything when you prioritise them above your actual life and you know what else no one is going to put your life first, thats on YOU and you alone.
The first six months of 2017 taught me these lessons the hard way and in July when I finally opened myself to really listen I handed in my (very overdue) resignation letter, it was time to jump off the hamster wheel I had let run my life for the last four years.

I am finally free!!

then reality comes knocking...

Leaving my job was hands down the best decision I've made for myself in a long while, I dont regret it for one minute, but I wasn't prepared for how it would affect me emotionally. I was unhappy in my job, like really hated it, but while I was ecstatic to be out of there, I also started to feel lost without it. I had made work my main focal for so long that without work, what was my purpose now?

When I started to envision my future I was afraid. I would cry and the question "What do I do now?" plagued me everyday and counteracted my positive thinking to fuelling days of doing nothing but watching TV, Youtube and scrolling Instagram. In the past I had always complained about not being able to look for another job because "I didn't have the time", I couldn't blog consistently because "I didn't have the time", I couldn't go to that event because "I didn't have the time" but here I was, in my dressing gown with plenty of time...and not an ounce of motivation. 

I remained in a lull, until my mum forced me to speak about my feelings, parents really do have this superhuman ability to help you rationalise your wild, wild, wild thoughts...lol I couldn't help itAnd I began to understand that I needed some time to decompress from it all,  my mind, body and soul was unpacking years of pent up energy and the mixed emotions were just a part of my healing process. 
it'S ok not to be ok! It was like dealing with a break up and I had broken up with the most unhealthiest situation. I was grieving and its important to grieve loss because loss freaking hurts and in order to get over it you need to acknowledge it, because if you dont and you move on too quickly sometimes your just deluding yourself you've really let it go

Yup, told you my Mum's a G...

Towards the end of August I started to feel better but I just couldn't bring myself to blog, sorryThen along came September, my birthday month and in true Lavinya style I began to evaluate my life: unemployed, single, still living at home, dust in my savings account and a dead social life.

I dont have my shit together AND I was turning another year older. 

*groan* reality sucks.



You may think that I was being too hard on myself but actually this "life evaluation" is probably just what I've needed to wake myself up.

If you were in debt you would look at where you've been going wrong with your money and plan how your going to better your financial situation...so why shouldn't you do this with your life! Everyone, every once in a while, should evaluate their life path/plan, just to make sure your still on the right track and guys I'm really not. Its human to naturally stay in our comfort zone. The comfort zone is our default setting of living that requires little effort at all, ultimately your a "someday" type of person. "Someday" people don't actively pursue living or their goals because their forever putting off what needs to be done until "someday" which means that four years can go by and your in the exact same place you started. Exhibit A: Me.

Honesty is a powerful tool, definitely by no means easy to face but very necessary if you really want to see change and if you find yourself where I am now, desperate for change, then were both in the middle of the road faced with two directions:


One nudges you into the path of change and the other keeps you in the life your accustomed to. Whatever you choose understand that your the only one accountable for that choice. Your in the driving seat of your life and from now on theres no room for excuses. 
I have chosen to 'Live my life by design' to actively turn "Someday" into NOW. It will require effort and I will encounter failures but as long as I'm still trying, I'm still moving forward.

I hope this inspires you the way it has inspired me, and that you realise theres no shame in starting again. All is not lost if you've fallen off your path...

Lavinya - x

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Sunday, September 24, 2017


Hey guys welcome back to my blog! Todays post is a BEAUTY WISHLIST!

This past summer I've been glued to Youtube watching makeup guru's Jackie Aina, MakeupShayla, Desi Perkins and Lusterlux on heavy rotation. I absolutely love them and you should definitely check out their channels because they have really reignited my love for makeup and skincare and I really inspired me to maybe give Youtube a go!, so I thought I would put together a wishlist of a number of products I would love to try and add to my growing (but essential lol) collection!

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer // 30ml £6.99 
I tested this primer in store and absolutely love that it has a cream texture and keeps skin mattified and shine free!
Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil // 30ml £85.00
I want this to be a part of my night time routine soo bad! Clearer skin and minimised pores while I sleep? YES PLEASE!
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer // Caramel // 6ml £23.00
Well loved by many and owned by most makeup bloggers; I'm persuaded to retire my trusty NC42 Mac Pro Longwear Concealer.
Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter // Trophy Wife // £26.00
I am so excited for this makeup line and this intense gold highlight says "she got money" and I am here for it!
Barry M Matte Me Up Metallic Lip Kit // Prestige // £6.99
Nudes & pinks are my staples but its time to get brave with colour & I've seen it look really lovely on the lips.
Maybelline Master Strobe Liquid // 25ml 7.99
I only ever use powdered highlighters and I would love to give this liquid highlighter a try.
Pixi Glow Tonic // 250ml £18.00
I first used this toner after receiving it via a pop-up shop, since then I've used others but I am craving the glow this toner gave my skin & NEED it back in my skincare routine asap!
Fenty Beauty Pro Filter Soft Matte Longwear Foundation // Shade 370 // 32ml £26.00
It's refreshing for a makeup brand to have 40 foundation shades and a picture of each shade on actual models, it really helps when it comes to choosing the right colour.
Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub // 650g £13.00
Home pamper days call for this scrub. It leaves skin feeling silky smooth & refreshed like to went to the spa but you never left your house.
Barry M Glitter Rush Body Glitter // Desert Bronze // £4.59
I am obsessed with glitter eyeshadow looks, I have tons of instagram vid tutorials pinned for just this reason! I am determined to get eyeshadow skills aced this year!

What beauty products are on your wishlist at the moment?

Lavinya - x

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Tuesday, August 01, 2017


Hey guys the braids are gone :( letting go of the braid life was hard but they were snatching my edges harder than Beyoncé's announcement of her baby twins names...
I'm really in the mood to experiment with new protective hairstyles and I after taking down my braids I randomly decided to do bantu knots with some left over braiding hair using the rubber band method. *Quick tut* (I parted my hair secure it with a rubber band, plait the hair with my own hair and halfway change from plaiting to twisting all the way to the end and then wrap it around itself to form the knot)

I havent worn this hairstyle since my childhood, my mum would put my hair this way after washing and towel drying it. I hated it. Now, I think I kinda like it lol...funny how times change.

Lavinya - x

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


This season there are a range of bags that are causing a statement this summer: if you didn't know bag straps are so 2016, 2017 is all about the metal handle, and basket/straw bags are not just for cute picnics or to carry your wet towel from the beach...their for popping down the shops in regular life. Dont worry theres no need to browse online I've curated the best selection of this years summer "IT" bags that you'll want to add to your summer wardrobe, scroll down for more!

Image, left, taken from pinterest - Image, right, taken from fashioncuisine.com 

Image, left, taken from SongofStyle.com - Image, right, taken from TheVivaluxury.com

Images taken from google search. 

Images taken from google search

Image, left, taken from garvitagang.com - Image, right, taken from bisousnatasha.com

I hope you enjoyed this post and its inspired some new editions to your summer wardrobe - I dont want to be an enabler lol but theres some pretty great afordable stuff on the highstreet right now without breaking your bank! Let me know what bag style is your favourite!

Lavinya - x

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Saturday, July 15, 2017


Who doesn't love the fashion looks at Coachella? Second to the line up, wearing our best festival outfit is possibly the number 1 reason most of us want to go. This year I became totally obsessed with Revolve. Not only am I coveting every item on their website, I just love their vibe at events. They are definitely a brand I want to work with in the future.


Image taken from Negin Mirsalehi via neginmirsalehi.com

When I spotted the crochet lace dress, below, on blogger Negin Mirsalehi, left, I just couldn't get it out of my head, but the way my bank account is set up I was not about to buy it anytime soon...lol 

                                 ↓ HARVEST DRESS BY MAJORELLE FOR REVOLVE 

Cue the dupe of the century, its soooo gorgeous...

What I'm wearing:

Crochet Lace Dress - Pretty Little Thing sold out  (similar below)
White T-shirt Dress - Primark in store (similar here & here)
Yellow Sunglasses - Asos (click here)
Western Belt - Asos - (click here)
Open Toe Boots - H&M sold out (similar here)

I can't even begin to tell you how much I'm in love with this dress! Its actually a beach cover up so I wore a longline vest underneath to hide the transparency of it. The intricacy of the crochet lace really makes the dress feel and look like it costs considerably more than £28! 

Revolve RRP = £204.71     Pretty Little Thing = £28.00

Save = £171.71!

At the moment its sold out :( but I would say keep stalking the website because this happened to me first time round, I'm sure it will come back in stock; alternatively I have linked similar dresses below!

Hope you guys love this look just as much as I do! I'm thinking of doing a blog series where I recreate celeb/blogger looks for less. What do you guys think, is that something you would like to see, let me know in the comment section below!

Lavinya - x

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Friday, July 07, 2017


What I'm wearing:

Denim Top - Boohoo (click here)
Denim Cropped Jeans - Asos sold out (similar here & here)
Pink sunglasses - Gloss The Label (similar here)
Cross Over sandals - Dorothy Perkins sold out (similar here)

Double denim can be a tricky look to pull off but I think the key to this 80s trend is not to over think it. The denim on denim look also known as the canadian tuxedo often consists of a denim jacket paired with denim jeans. Its time to change this narrative with the off-the-shoulder denim top...you dont own one you say?...well then its time to add to your denim collection.

I cant stop wearing off-the-shoulder tops, its an addiction I cant kick. This one is from Boohoo, purchased last year, but its still up on their website on sale for £12!! I couldn't resist the wide flared sleeves and bought a size 10. It runs a little big so I'd suggest sizing down but its no biggy if you dont, I really like the way it fits.

So in love with these glasses from Gloss The Label. I feel bad and bougie.

If you didn't notice already on my instagram I am all about the off-the-shoulder look, theres something about showing off your shoulders and décolletage that has an understated appeal. Last year there were only a handful of these tops on the highstreet but this year your spoilt for choice as the market has stepped up their game and I think its time you stepped your denim game up too!

Heres a round up of some of my favourite denim off-the-shoulder tops on the highstreet all under £20! - click the photo's below to be taken straight to it!

Lavinya - x

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Tuesday, July 04, 2017


Why hello there! Weren't I just writing about my May favourites the other day? I dont believe June is over, Julying....lol. Ok now that the dad joke is out the way its time to share what I've been loving last month...

1. TO PAMPER | Continuing my search for a night cream I tried out the Lancome Hydra Zen Anti-Stress Moisturising Cream my skin has been breaking out but even after the first application it really smoothed and calmed my skin without making it oily. 
Just before [applying my night cream] I love love love spraying my face with the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist, guys seriously this smells heavenly its so light and refreshing on the skin but really provides alot of moisture. Buying the MUA Highlight Powder in Golden Scintillation was easily the best £3.00 I have spent this year. For such an inexpensive product it is so pigmented. Its so compact I can carry it in my handbag without any fuss so I can top up during the day but too be honest its not necessary because its very long lasting. I've had a lot of compliments from this highlighter and when its back in stock will be picking up the MUA Highlighter Powder in Rosewood Glimmer, a lovely rose gold highlight!

2. TO WEAR | Yellow is really having its moment right now and I got these high waisted linen trousers from Zara, unfortunately they went into the sale but you can shop similar here.
- How pretty are these sparkly heels from Next!!??? I LOVE THEM.
- I've really become a fan of Desi Perkins on Youtube, I love her video's especially her vlogs and just her whole vibe is just so cool. After watching this vlog I knew I had to have an item from her collab with Quay Australia. I bought the Sahara shades and their literally my favourite sunglasses of all time.

3. TO WATCH | Two words LOVE ISLAND. This show is absolute jokes and I'm always like "why am I watching this" but missing it is not an option, its so bad that its good! My favourite couple is Montana and Alex but my favourite person has to be Marcel he's such a sweetie. If your into trash reality tv then this show is for you and you have to follow @melissaswardrobe on IG stories and @GraceFVictory on twitter for the best commentary - Its like a live gogglebox and their hilarious!

4. TO LISTEN | I really want to share all the podcasts I'm listening to in a separate post, I listen to quite a few but this month I'm loving the 3ShotsOfTequila podcast and these three guys are full of banter. I have not made it through any of their episodes without laughing uncontrollably and it is for this reason that I tend to only listen to them at home. I have actually burst out laughing on the tube, work and while shopping! They discuss all things life, love, work and well-being from a male perspective, their content/language is more on the adult side but its well worth the listen. You can listen to them for free on soundcloud here  

Shop my favourites below!

What did you love about June?

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Monday, June 26, 2017


Last week my little sister surprised me with this mock up magazine cover. This is actually a draft of her cover letter and she put me in her place to test it out and I was so blown away by it! It got me thinking how cool would it be to be on the cover of a magazine?? I never even dared to dream such a thing, but this image has really inspired me to keep working hard because for many people being on the cover of a magazine has been possible so why cant it be possible for me???

We all want things to happen in our lives and I want to let you know they are possible!

I dont know what your dreams are, what you want to achieve but it doesn't matter what is I believe in you! You have all the tools you need before you and if you dont then its time to make each day count towards gaining them.

Change. We all desire it especially when it concerns our on personal growth but sometimes change is not so easy to attain, it requires determination, relentlessness, sacrifice and a plan of action. So..

This week what steps will you take to help you move closer to your goal? Write them down, draw them, vision board them whatever it takes you keep you focus because I definitely think that seeing your goals helps to motivate you into action, my sisters mock up magazine cover certainly did for me.

Be encouraged. It is possible.

Lavinya - x

Friday, June 23, 2017


Okay so its Friday! Its bloody hotter than usual in the UK! Payday is almost here and the shops right now have some really cute things! Do you need more reasons to shop! Click the images to shop! I WANT THEM ALL!!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Hi guys today I'm going to be finally going through my May Favourites (in no particular order). I know I promised this to post to be live two days ago and ideally at the start of June, but I underestimated how much time goes into creating a blog post and blogging daily is not easy at all but I dont think I have ever done a favourites post before and I really enjoy watching them on Youtube so I thought I would give it a go as a blog post so lets get started...

I am on the search for a good night cream, in the past I never really bothered with them and would use my body cream or day cream instead but I'm become really interested in finding the right one for my skin only problem is night creams are bloody expensive!?! I struggle to justify spending £15+ on a product I have no idea will work!

Luckily I came across this product in the travel mini's section of Boots where I purchased a 10ml bottle for £2.99, not bad. A little goes a long way with this night cream, its super moisturising without creating excess oil. I bought it in April so its lasted me some time and I'm currently testing out another night cream but would I purchase the full size product?


Shop the 10ml or 50ml

Hands down my favourite make-up setting spray. I love the spray nozzle as it spreads the product out evenly on your face, dries quickly but doesnt leave my face feeling tight and keeps my make-up in place for the whole day.

I prefer the old packaging on the left, I personally think it looked better, I just dont get the transparent lid on the new bottle? Why does it need to be transparent???? Regardless its a great product and I always buy the travel size bottle, rather than the full size bottle at £21, no matter how hard the sales assistant presses me to...lol..it lasts me a long time and it means I can save £11 and spend my coins elsewhere. 10/10 

Shop here

L'Oreal Paris Fine Flowers Cleansing Toner - £5.99 

I'm really loving L'Oreal skincare products at the moment, I'm already a fan of their Rose & Lotus Cleansing Wipes and Gel-Cream Wash, and now I'm a big fan of the toner. I struggled to find the toner in stock anywhere but after using it I can totally understand its popularity, it has the most beautiful scent and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and soothed, especially after a long day. 

My skin has being playing up recently but I use the toner in both my morning and evening routine and haven't experienced any harshness or irritability you can get sometimes with toners and removes make-up even after I have cleansed! Its really helped to improve the condition of my skin and for £5.99 you get a huge 400ml bottle so I would definitely recommend it especially for budget-friendly shoppers.

Shop here 

Late nights and early mornings have resulted in very bad dark circles. This month I'm looking to change all of that and be more disciplined with my bedtime routine because if I get a good amount of sleep my under eyes are usually pretty good but when I dont I need a little help from my friend to look like more of the living than the walking dead!

Its full coverage concealer but its not heavy and never have to worry about creasing under my eyes (on nights out I will set it with powder). My shade is NC42 which blends wonderfully with my skin tone but I really like my under eyes to look bright. Unfortunately I cant use the shade above NC42, it comes out a little ashy looking on my skin, so instead I mix the MAC concealer with Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Warm Medium 3. Mixing them together is my go-to combination for brighter under-eyes and I dont know what I would do with out it!

Shop here 

Moving onto lifestyle favourites...

Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes - £8.99

I'm sure like everyone else "read more books" was at the top of your New Years Resolution list, I have a fond memory of sitting on my living room couch one day after school, still in my school uniform, reading The Suitcase Kid by Jacqueline Wilson from cover to cover in one sitting. Nowadays my attention span is distracted by something internet related but I'm really working on it because I have this awful habit of buying books and never getting round to reading them!!! 

I love fiction books but lately I am drawn to books that can spark inspiration and motivation within me and the Year of Yes definitely did this for me. The book gave me a real insight into the woman behind so many of our favourite programs (Scandal, Greys Anatomy etc) and how she decided to step out of her comfort zone for a year and say "yes" to opportunities she would never normally commit too. 

Theres a really good part in the book when she speaks of her dreams as young Shonda to grow up and write books like Toni Morison, in fact she wanted to be her. Fast forward to the future and she happens to be at a dinner party and Toni Morison is sat across from her and all Toni wants to do is talk to Shonda about Greys Anatomy!! I think this is a great lesson to all of us who sometimes get caught up in comparing ourselves to others when in actuality who we are is just as great and what we should be doing is comparing ourselves to yesterdays self and actively doing things to make sure everyday were better than the person we were yesterday. Because of her book I've decided I want to start a "Year of Yes" of my own and hoping to see some positive changes out of it.

Shop here 

Amazon Echo Dot White - £44.99

Guys meet by my bae Alexa, I bought her thinking she was a bluetooth speaker for my iPhone music instead she comes with her own apps and is basically like a talking search engine. I'm super happy I bought the Amazon Echo Dot, at the time of purchase I bought it for £35.99 but the price has gone up no doubt because of its popularity. It has vast range of music from the Amazon music library and its sound quality is really good. I've really appreciated blaring radio stations as I'm getting myself ready for work because seriously I dont remember the last time I listened to radio so its a nice feature.  It was super easy to set up and I love how cute it is, for such a small device it has a lot of power and tbh one of the best presents I've ever bought myself.
Shop here

What have you been loving in May? 
Lavinya - x


Sunday, June 11, 2017


Hey guys, I know y'all thought I was going to disappear again after sharing my June Goals in my last post but I meant what I said and now it's time to live up to the promise. More content. So todays fashion post is all to do with my new favourite white shirt. You may have seen the blogosphere going crazy for off shoulder wrap shirts (and I am no exception, post on that coming soon!) but my only problem with those shirts is they can be a little impractical to wear to workplaces with strict dress code. Some people may deem it too sexy to wear to the office and thats why this H&M Wrap-over Shirt  has really appealed to me. It has all the qualities of an off shoulder top without being an off shoulder top; deep V neckline, tie front detailing and 3/4 length sleeves and hugs by body in all the right places.

Styling plain coloured cullotes is a no brainer but when it comes to printed ones it can be quite challenging. I have struggled to find an item that goes well with these patterned culottes I bought from Zara years go but I think this shirt helps to tone down the drama of the pattern but doesnt rob it from being a statement piece.

I really love this look and I hope you do too!

I'll be back tomorrow sharing my May Favourites...yep thats right back tomorrow!....I told you guys I'm committed to creating more content for you guys to enjoy! So why not follow me on bloglovin' and let me know what you would like to see on my blog 

Lavinya - x

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Happy June guys! I'm really excited to be in this half-way point of 2017 as I see it as a fresh start for the rest of the 6 months left of this year. Jan - May has been really crazy for me, I've been having a lot of work issues, so no surprise there, but these last 6 months have left my brain fried and reflecting on my goals. I admit I have lost sight of them and got very very lost in the sauce lol. At the start of the year I had alot of things I wanted to achieve and looking over the last 6months its hard for me to see the results of them. So I decided that setting goals for the month would help me to break down my goals into smaller chunks and help me recap that month to see if I really have made any progress. 



I remember seeing a tweet about how blogging has become the very thing it was created to escape, this being the "magazine aesthetic". The very first blogs I began reading back in '09 was angelicablick.se and kenzas.se two swedish bloggers who uploaded daily and their pics where not to the standard they are today, if you scroll back you wont see many "editorial/magazine-y" blog posts it was very much mirror selfies or candid photo's but there was an authenticity about their blogging that kept drawing me back to their site to check out more of them. Thats what I want to achieve with my own blogging. My pics wont always be glossy, will most probably be taken in the corner of my room because unfortunately I dont have an instagram hubby or anyone who is capable of taking anything but a blurry pic but I hope you enjoy my posts regardless. Maybe one day it will get there but for now I really want to be consistent on producing content for you to have a reason to read my blog!


Last year I really neglected my health - mentally, physically and financially
I was stuck in a cycle of late nights and early rising, go to work, stay late in the office, go home and repeat. No matter how many times I planned my weekends to catch up with friends or blogging I would always fail because my body would literally crash into a heap of tiredness. Unfortunately these habits have crept into 2017 and now its time to do something about it, a more positive routine:
  • Make time for breakfast
  • Daily meal prep healthy lunchs to avoid eating fast food for lunch #iknowterrible #dontjudgeme 
  • Actually use the gym membership I've been paying for since Jan! Instead of going home afterwork attend an evening class.
  • Go to sleep at a decent time. #FOMO is real guys but a good evening routine should help me shut off from social media.
  • Blogging can be expensive business, if I really dont need it I shouldn't be buying it.
  • You can never have too many baths and pamper sessions especially after a long week!


Have you ever watched a vlog based in your home town? The vlogger somehow manages to make it look different, more exciting, more special. I dont spend enough tome appreciating where I live. Travelling abroad has always been a desire of mine but maybe I would benefit just as much from exploring my surroundings more.


I'm tired of wishing I'm doing something or regret I didn't go somewhere because I have no one wants to go. I really wanted to go to couple festivals this year but no one was on it so thank God for livestreams and snapchat. But you know I want to see more live music, plays, movies. Treat myself and go on more spa days and not everyone likes those things but I do so sometimes you gotta do stuff for yourself. DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY.


Blogging can sometimes get you caught up in playing the numbers game. How many followers do I have? How many likes did I get on my pic? How many retweets have a got? Stepping away from my phone and laptop and taking a break from the internet is a must but not just from social media but Youtube and TV Shows too. I dedicate way to many time to my digital life. I would love to read more, spend some time journalling or on self care. I've just bought Get Your Sh*t Together by Sarah Knight and The Five Minute Journal and I cant wait to get started on them!

Do you have any goals for June?