Monday, November 28, 2016


Running a blog while working a 9-5 is soooooooo hard!!! Sometimes I barely have the energy to come home and do any blog work as I've already spent 8hrs of my working day in front of a computer. Tired eyes is real yall! Thats why I love instagram! It allows me to post my #ootd on the go!!! I have been doing this a lot lately and so above are my some of my fashion snaps that haven't quite yet made it to the blog.



Lavinya x

Thursday, November 24, 2016


Hello guys!!! There are black friday deals practically everywhere, in fact on Tuesday I witnessed with my own eyes two ladies fighting over the last of a perfume gift set in a well known department store... I dont know about you but its too cold for all that drama, so below I have picked out some of my favourite items online to make black friday a little easier and get a head start on the xmas shopping! 100% #dramafree 

01. New Look Grey Home Alone Christmas Pyjama Set - Xmas aint Xmas without Home Alone!
02. Zalando Tommy Hilfiger Puffer Jacket
03. Shein 20PCS Makeup Brush Set
04. Public Desire Velvet Over The Knee Boots
05. H&M Powder Pink Cable Knit Hat
06. Rad Gym Tomorrow Sweatshirt - Motto for 2016 lol
07. New Look Pink Pug Print Slider Slippers
08. Footlocker Nike Tuned 1 
09. Bleached Goods Iron Lager Tshirt
10. Rifle Paper Lets Do This Notepad - Get a head start on planning 2017
11. H&M Straight High Jeans
12. Ego Denim Over The Knee Boots
13. The Gentlewoman Magazine -
14. H&M Patent Ankle Boots
15. Topshop Not A Morning Person Pyjama Set - This was made for me for sure!
16. M&S Faux Leather Ring Detail Across Body Bag
17. Zara Mini Vinyl Backpack
18. Monki Cinnamon Puff Coat
19. River Island Frayed Cropped Boyfriend Jeans
20. "You Are A Badass" by Jen Sincero - Definitely worth adding to your reading list!*
21. Marni X Zalando: Reebok Instapump Fury Trainers 
22. "Its Not How Good You Are, Its How Good You Want To Be" by Paul Arden - *this one too!
23. Nike Olive Air Max Thea
24. Pretty Little Thing Faux Fur Chain Shoulder Bag
25. H&M Rust Court Shoes
26. Bruno Mars 24K Magic Album  - OMG this album is siiiiiccckkkkk!

Let me know which one is you favourite!

Lavinya x

Friday, October 21, 2016



Rihanna has been on my Twitter TL for like weeks slaying her streetstyle lewks. I have found myself completely infatuated with incredibly monster size jackets shes been wearing, which are okay for the celebrity lifestyle that she leads but totally impractical to wear on a morning commute on the Jubilee Line. Not everyday Uber Code. So last week while I was in H&M Tottenham Court Road, I tried on several jackets that were just humongous and downright ugly and then came across a oversized black puffer jacket, it was perfect! This same jacket inspired my last post HERE.

I wasn't happy with the ones in the store so I decided to order it online and added a few more pieces into my shopping cart, including a white padded jacket that I hadn't seen in store. Honestly I only added this to my order for bants, I had no intention of keeping the jacket, I was just curious to see what it would look like on, as far as I was concerned the black quilted jacket, above, was a clear winner, until.....

I never expected to find everything I was looking for in this jacket, It is super warm and I love that its longline, has a high collar and pockets in the front of the jacket. I ordered both jackets in a size 10 so theres no need to size up! The black one has a detachable hood which would've been great on the white jacket thought but never-mind. I cant believe I'm saying this but I never thought I would be so happy winter is coming!!!!

However not everyone shares the exact love as me for this jacket; before I posted it up on my Instagram I showed my Mum the pic and her exact words were "Thats nice...but you look like the Michelin man." ROTFL!!!! Then she asked me if I intended to keep it (she likes the black one more) yes Mum its here to stay, she doesn't get fasssshun LOL!


Sunday, October 16, 2016


Is it a sleeping bag? Is it a duvet? No its Superman, the PUFFA JACKET! (or puffer jacket). Winter is coming and this is about to be this years unlikely "It" jacket. Sure one can look for a standard double breasted item but I have dreams of getting cosy in a padded feather down jacket that may or may not make me look like the michelin man. Here are a few of my favourites:

1. Bershka Cropped Jacket (Available in Black & Cream!) / 2. H&M Padded Jacket / 3. H&M Black Padded Jacket / 4. Uniqlo Hooded Jacket  or similar 


Which puffa jacket is your favourite?

Lavinya x 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Do you have to be a die-hard fan to justify wearing a band tee? The main reason I bought this T-shirt was for the colours in the design, I actually thought it said "The Goonies" - (y'kno the 80s classic teen film!). In my defence, the opening guitar solo to "Sweet Child O' Mine' happens to be one of my favourites by the Guns N' Roses, but regardless the T-shirts mine now lol!

Band tee's were a massive thing in the 90s and its safe to say 90s fashion revival has not yet finished influencing the fashion market today. The safe way to style up your graphic/band T-shirt would involve ripped jeans, with a checked shirt tied round the waist but thats so yesterday. Honestly, truly. (If your familiar with Joanne The Scammer you will understand that reference...)


Break the monotony with a pencil skirt, denim or leather mini skirt and finesse in a pair of patent boots, Yeezy style, like these gorgeous pair from Ego Official.

Or try tucking your t shirt into a pleated midi skirt like this lovely gold one by Zara and finish with a pair of trainers. Now all of a sudden Lily Allen circa 2005 aesthetic makes sense to me...

Let me know what you think of my look!

Lavinya x

Monday, August 22, 2016


Do I need to reintroduce myself or do you guys remember me lol?

Today's post is in collaboration with British clothing company Hawes & Curtis who sent me their cotton satin white shirt from their Pink Label womenswear range. Some trends are not for everyone but the classic white shirt is an essential staple everyone needs; and wether you choose to wear it to the office, night out or on your lazy days, the versatility of a white shirt is endless.

Below, I have put together 3 ways to wear this gorgeous frilled front button down. Three. Different. Looks! Oh I spoil you dont I...



There's little that can go wrong by the combo "denim jeans x white shirt" and this simple look is ideal for the weekend/casual days. Take the combo to new level with a sleeveless leather biker jacket and keep it chic in a pair of heels, or a pair of trainers, flat sandals or brogues.



Step up your slip game by layering your sexy black dress over your button down just enough for the frills to peak out. Complete the look with a pair of lace up espadrilles and hopefully for the rest of the summer we have left it will be blue skies and sunshine so you'll need a pair of sunglasses.



Tuck a crisp white shirt into a high waist button down skirt. Undo the skirt buttons to add a little movement to the skirt and draw the focus to your head-turning boots. I love this look it deserves a night out!

Look 1, 2 or 3? Which one was your favourite? 

Check out more of Hawes & Curtis womenswear range here and let me know your styling tips for a white shirt below! 

It feels good to be back blogging...I missed you guys (I hope you missed me too...!!!) 
Lavinya x

Monday, April 04, 2016


Happy April! Well the first 3 months of 2016 have literally flown by right!? Sometimes its so scary to keep track of time but I always see April as a mini new year. Being a Christian I have always reflected on Jesus' crucifixion, His dying on the cross allowed my past to be washed away and so I always feel like this is a new start, new beginning. Maybe you celebrate Easter, maybe you dont but regardless seeing as were in the 4th month of the year this is the perfect time to start planning how you would like to see the next 3 months turn out!

A topic that has become a source of discussion with a lot of people I have been talking to is this reluctancy to plan because their simply scared it will never come to fruition or being scared of what others may think of our ideas; but how will you know that you can if you never try!!! People tend to project their fears onto you but you cant let that be the thing to put you off trying something new or building on what you have; you have to use it as motivation let me tell you how...



There will always be expectations from family, friends, whoever. But the only voice you should stay true to is yours. This is your life and you only get one you owe it to yourself to live it the way you want to, if people have a problem with what you've got going on thats THEIR problem! And I speak from experience; my recent promotion has seen the very people I considered as "work friends" to do a complete 360 and become strangers purely by their own doing. Its THEIR problem! Do not concern yourself in trying to please everyone, it will drain you and make you unhappy and they won't care. Its your business to know yourself so that whatever comes your way you can't be swayed. Life is too short to be something and someone your not.



Not everyone will understand what it is you want from life. Some may rubbish your ideas, or suggest that your better at something else. You deserve to be proud of everything you have achieved and everything you want to do but be selective with who you share your visions with. Not everyone has to know your next move! Sometimes it pays to keep your cards close to your chest. Yes its nice to have support but sometimes you have to encourage yourself and if you become your own cheerleader so when times may get tough you wont need to rely on anyone else to tell you your worth so much more than that negative thought trying to bring you down.



Its so easy to go with the flow but I watch the flow everyday on my morning commute to work; a herd of grey moving down the escalators with solemn faces and the only words exchanged are "can you move down inside the carriage please" and maybe they like the flow, maybe it actually works for them (their faces say otherwise but anywhooo) but the flow is not for me but it has a funny old way of seeping into your psyche and turning a "I will do that when I get home from work" to a "I will do that tomorrow night" and then before you know it tomorrow night turns into the twelfth of never. This a personal concern of mine but this is when you need to call upon your organisational skills, plan your days more effectively and be disciplined enough to stick to it; that way if you do have to have a routine its a routine that allows your to use your time productively in helping you closer and closer to the things you hope to achieve.



You will probably find that the biggest obstacle to overcome is yourself. Self-doubt stems from fear and fear could rob you from progressing. Sometimes we can get caught up with concerning our thoughts on everything were not. But that is so wrong! Nobody is you and THAT is your power! Our own limitations confine us to a stationary place of what we think were capable of because were scared of failing/rejection. But there is nothing wrong with failure; failure is not a measure of everything you haven't achieved its in face the exact opposite its a testament to everything to gave a try to and thus you can never look back and wonder "what if".
If your plagued with thoughts that your just not good enough then theres two ways to deal with this IMO:

1. Let 'they' decided. 
So your not going to apply for that job because you think your not qualified enough or ready? Your not going to submit that article because you think your not that good a writer? Well before you completely write yourself off, challenge yourself and apply for it anyway! There is no harm in trying and the worst thing that can happen is "no" - dont be the one who says no before you've even tried.

2. Invest your time building that skill. 
"Practice makes perfect" thats the cliche saying right but its true. Its far to easy to quit but instead if you "think" your not a good writer…write more, read more, practice more and if your don't "think" you have the right skills, then this is your time to master them. 

Remember there is light, life and love beyond the words we let break us down and the names we call ourselves. Take one step at a time but make sure its a step FORWARD!

Have a great week!

What I'm Wearing

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


BOMBER JACKET - Stradivarius, TOP (Similar) - Zara, JEANS (Similar) - New Look, HAT - Forever21, BOOTS -

I have a big pink crush on this bomber jacket! Pink is one of my favourite colours but its quite a tough colour to style without looking like you stepped out of Barbies world but its definitely the right colour for spring. Originally I had my eye on this gorgeous satin bomber from Mango because of the length and the material; I really wanted that oversized feel but I changed my mind and went for a shorter, slimline fit and I much prefer the price point of this one from Stradivarius; admittedly I had never heard of the brand until a couple months ago when I came across their flagship store in Westfield Stratford!

With a little play on layering and lengths I paired it with this spilt top from Zara. I love the cut out detail on the sides, such a subtle understated way of showing a lil side midriff.

Can we pause for these boots please? How impractical and amazing are these beauties? I know, I know everyone has them...their all over the gram...but sometimes you got to ride the hype bandwagon with pride lol. Nude, patent and a yellow clear perspex heel who wants to wear black boots all the time! Yup, these are definitely outside my comfort zone but I guess that is why I love them, its easy to stick to what you know but that also gets repetitive.

Let me know what you think of my look!

Lavinya x

Thursday, February 25, 2016


DRESS - Asos, TRAINERS - Office, TRENCHCOAT (Similar) - H&M 

I've been dying to share this outfit with you guys but sometimes I underestimate how much time goes in to creating a blog I am little of a perfectionist, Virgo problems. Using pockets of free time to blog has become a necessity but it can be hard when your the Queen of procrastination. I am definitely someone who will dedicate an hour of my time to blog write but will spend 10 mins searching for the perfect music to play in the background and then end up getting distracted by Youtube videos or Twitter. lol. #dontjudgeme

I actually shared a sneak peak of this look on my Instagram a few weeks ago and people seemed to really like it! Spring is looming and I'm looking forward to coming out of the dark but as we wait for warmer days to come this is the perfect time to stay cozy in a jumper dress.  
I love layering but I'm equally fond of looks that require minimal fuss, and the oversized fit of a jumper dress ticks all the boxes. I love the nude/cream tones and this H&M trench compliments the  outfit palette. 

I'm usually a heels kinda girl but these U420 New Balances from Office are really changing my shoe game goals; its got to the point where I've started wearing them with everything!

1 x Jumper Dress + 1 x Kicks. Outfit Complete.

Hope you love this look as much as I do!

Lavinya x 

Sunday, February 21, 2016


London Fashion Week officially starts today and aside from the fabulous creations to storm the catwalk everyone loves a stylish street style look.

In collaboration with I have picked out 3 designer pieces from their website to create my ultimate fashion week look, see above!

I chose this awesome embroidered Kenzo 'Cactus' sweatshirt to steal the limelight and add a burst of colour to my look; forget what you think you know about styling sweatshirts because it doesn't have to mean jogging bottoms instead tuck you sweater into a pair of classic high-waisted culottes like this chic pair by Moncler; and as the cobble stones of Somerset House are now a thing of the past step up your shoe game at Brewer Street with these cut-out open toe booties from Casadei. I love this look, its practical for February London weather with a touch of sexy.

Whatever outfit vibe your looking for there are hundreds of incredible designer pieces to choose from, all under one online roof at 

Check out my collab on their google+ page here and let me know what you think of my look/farfetch picks below!

Lavinya x

This post was in collaboration with, but all words are my own

Sunday, February 14, 2016


Dear Single Ladies, I dont know you personally but I do know its easy to feel the pressure on Valentines Day better known to us as "Single Awareness Day" 
Theres this annoying narrative that single people are unhappy and our lives our empty because we can't instagram a picture with the caption "the boy done good" but you know what forget the labels there are 5 things I'd like to share with you...


Do you know how much money your saving? Gurl listen, if your ex's where anything like mine, then you have saved yourself alot! Yes I know your longing for your "soul mate" but there will be plenty of "Valentines Day" in your lifetime, if you have to spend one or two alone its not the end of the world! Patience may need to be your virtue for a while. Remember when you rushed love? Look how that ended up. There is no need to hurry, let go of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and love the life your living. If all your expectations of love are wrapped up in this one day its time to take a deep look at yourself.

Give all that love you yourself. #treatyoself I cant say it enough! Pamper yourself with a relaxing bath, facial or mani/pedi. Spend a little money on yourself, need some ideas look here! Wear that dress you've been saving and get all pretty. I have been saving this American Apparel dress for years! My ex's were not the most creative when it came to Valentines day, so I've never had a chance to wear it, but today I decided to show it some love on the blog. Practice some self love today; Valentines is all about love and no one deserves your love more than you do.


Will all those loved up couples keep surprising each other with gifts and romantic captions on the 15th? Spare a thought for the couples who's only expression of love will come on Valentines Day. Theres enormous pressure on couples to seem loved up too. Let them have their moment in the sun. True love is not about Valentines Day its about lifelong connection with someone that excels beyond material gifts and public declaration. 

Set your troubles aside for the day and send some love to friends and family. Ever heard people say "I wish I had told them how much they meant to me..." Well make today that day. Send a text, make a call, send a card to those you care about and let them know how much you care. Chances are there someone you know who is also single and could do with some encouragement, spread love.


This is your time to do whatever it is you want
I used to think "Why am I single?" but then I looked back at points in my life when I was in a relationship and wondered "Why wasn't I single?"
I am a hopeless romantic and in the past I have been known to fall very quickly for someone and allow my world to revolve around him. If I had stayed single during my Uni days I would've had more time to go out with my friends instead of at home checking the signal on my phone in case I had missed his call. He never wanted to go out. But that was his problem not mine so why did I adopt his problem as my own? or define myself within his parameters of likes and dislikes? Sometimes the need to be loved can be detrimental to the growth of our character and personality.

2006 Lavinya didn't know her own mind. I have been called "high maintenance" in the past and I convinced myself that that was a bad thing so I changed. 2016 Lavinya has no intention of changing, if you cant match my fly then "to the left, to the left." Keep it moving bruh. I am not defined by my singleness. I dont go around introducing myself as "Hi I'm Lavinya and I'm single" In fact most times when the topic of relationships comes up people are surprised to know I am single. In this time of my life I choose to be single and I am going to use that time productively and not wallow in self pity because I dont have a Valentine. 

So dear single ladies, love your single years, don't put your life on hold waiting on someone to complete you because time will still carry on regardless and once that time is gone its gone!

Love Lavinya x

What I'm Wearing:

American Apparel Ribbed Midi Dress - Similar
Ebay "Alexander Wang Freja" Dupes - Similar 
Monsoon Faux Fur Stole - Similar
Primark "Choker"

Tuesday, February 09, 2016


Whether your relationship status is "In a Relationship", "Its Complicated" on "Single" everyone deserves a little something something on Valentines. 
So I've put together 29 ways to get through Valentines gift guide...treat the one your with or even better #treatyoself


16. Olympus Pen Camera - so he can continue is his duties as an Instagram husband lol / 17. Nike Cortez Trainers / 18. PumaXBape Jacket / 19. Kangol Beret / 20. D&G undies - not everyday Calvin's / 21. H&M Canvas Bag / 22. The Sartorialist - keep him inspired / 23. Zara Ripped Joggers - a great way to say I love you but I dont have money for the Yeezy collection / 24. Rad Mauvais Garcon Tee / 25. Superdry Sweatshirt / 26. Accurist Gold Watch / 27. Jack Wills Waterbottle  / 28. Adidas Tubular Doom Trainers / 29. Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb - this smells soooooo good! 

So what do you guys think of my gift guide? 

I have no doubt that a few items from this list will be keeping me in good company.
However you spend Valentines; with friends, family, that special someone or baeless, may your day be filled with love.

Happy Valentines Day!

Lavinya x

Monday, February 01, 2016


I put off writing this post. I was adamant at the start of the year that I was going to give the whole "new years resolution" post a miss. Don't get me wrong I love a good "new year, new me" vibe; you will never hear me complaining that people should let the idea of being a better them as a waste of time. But I guess this year I couldn't fully put my support behind the notion because I know I didn't live up to it in 2015. Remember this post?

This should be the paragraph where I tell you guys how I achieved them all and more but the truth is I didn't even achieve one. To say the year didn't go as planned is an understatement, but I did learn some lessons along the way so you might wanna get cosy cos its gonna be a long one...


There comes a point in your life journey when you realise that life doesn't always go to plan. It's inevitable and heartbreaking but somehow you re-route and try to achieve them another way. What I didn't embark on is that disappointment almost swallowing me whole and paralysing me. On more than enough occasions I was plagued with this feeling that I'm not living how I should be, how I thought I'd be. Dreams of travelling, having a passionate career and experiencing new things became just that...dreams. I tried to pull myself out of the funk and strategise how I could achieve each one but it all just felt out of my control, so I let it define me as a failure

I am not a failure. There is light, life and love beyond the words you let break you down and the names you call yourself. There will always be things that come along that are out of your control and throw a spanner in the works, but look for the silver lining and make the best out of situations and for me that resulted in a promotion at work, more money in the bank (to travel with in the future). Your circumstances may not be what you envisioned but they're for now not forever so stop beating yourself up and just live. Be proud of how far you have come.


"Squad" was probably the most used word of 2015 but I haven't had a proper close knit of friends for a while. My squad right now is basically me, Lori (my bestie), my mum and Jesus which is probably the bombest frickin lit squad you could ever have, but I really wanted to meet new people, make new friends and reacquaint with old friends last year. But instead I came to the realisation that the "friends" I had left had become "acquaintances" and then "strangers" so I detached myself from the detached; the ones who didnt return my calls, texts, those who called me only to make up their numbers at an event, only holler when I post a new instagram pic or dont consider me at all. lol bish please. I can do better. 

Over the years friends have dropped off the radar one by one and at first I started to think it was me. Well I'm the common denominator!?... It wasn't me, it isn't me. To me being a friend means something completely different now that I'm older; you cant just get by on sleepovers and shopping dates. I really wish I had more people in my life that genuinely cared enough to pick up the phone and call me, not just leave fb birthday messages or like my instagram pics. Friendship is not something I thought I would be without because I grew up having loads of friends but I've found no one really see's me as someone important enough to keep close. That hurt to type, but the truth hurts. Besides Lori theres no one I can really have a heart to heart with and I dont want to put all that pressure on her to be "everything" to me cos it shouldnt be that way. For now I am friendless lol and some days are harder than others but I'd rather be alone than have fake friends.


Social media is both a blessing and a curse as it can leave you feeling inspired or crushed. I flittered between both in 2015 and before I knew it I was cussing my own life for not being exciting enough, driven enough but the irony is I spent even more time on the internet fawning over someone elses life instead of getting my own together. Learning to understand that real life > social media life is a tough realisation because everyone looks like their "winning" and it makes you forget that your journey through life is unique to you, its not supposed to look like everyone else's. Yep that person got the job you'd love to have and that person jetted to the south of somewhere really exotic and their so in love and look another engagement/wedding/pregnancy announcement and this persons blog is so good, mine is so rubbish and the list goes on and what? Go get your own life and realise your own blessings before you completely miss out on them! Worrying is a poor use of the imagination, focus on what matters.


Okay so I didnt get to the gym liked I'd hoped but I did achieve some amazing things through my blog I didn't even know would be possible:

- In October I was nominated and won the "Octobers Inside Tip" blog award from
- That same month I was contacted by Riser Magazine for an online interview check it out here!
- I was contacted by Boohoo to do a collaborative post to celebrate the Charlixcx 4 Boohoo collection if you haven't seen it yet check out the blog post here.
- The biggest thing; I could never have predicted is being contacted by Burberry press team and sent their SS15 make up via a very well dress courier. I answered the door mid shower, towel on head and all. lol

I take none of these opportunities for granted. This blog is such a blessing to me and I will nuture it as best as I can because although I can feel at times I'm not worthy of such opportunities, someone obviously does and that keeps me posting. :)


Goals are not the ultimate purpose of our lives, what they do do is concentrate our focus and move us in a direction. However just achieving goals will never make us happy, in the long term its who you grow to become as you overcome the obstacles that life throw that will give you fulfilment.

Who I will be by the end of this year is unknown and no resolutions this year; but instead I promise myself not to limit my life to a list of "goals" but to push myself in all areas of my life because that's what'll lead me to the next version of myself.

How do you plan on making the most out of 2016? Let me know below!

Lavinya x


What I'm Wearing:

 photo boots_zpsyasjnvvb.png photo top_zps4haifdpe.png
 photo skirt_zpsd4hgnvvx.png photo jacket_zpsyankzcqx.png